Crowmarsh Pre-School are committed to doing what we can to minimise our impact on the environment. 

The information below plus our most recent Sustainability Newsletter will let you know what we are doing and how you can get involved too! If you have any further information please do let us know!

Together we can make a difference to our children’s futures.


We recycle:

  • empty crisp packets
  • food pouches
  • writing instruments including correction fluid.

Please help by placing the above in the bins on the entrance gate.

Involving our Children

  • Encourage our children to re-use items where possible and if not use the recycling and food waste bins.
  • Enable our children to make the most of our outdoor enviroment through free play and Forest School
  • Story telling sessions, highlighting the impact our decisions have


We re-use:

  • Packaging for junk modelling
  • Bin bags
  • Rain water collected in two water butts in the garden
  • Items that may otherwise be thrown away for planting e.g. tyres
  • School uniform- outgrown uniform can be sold on via Pre-School


  • No plastic straws
  • Semi biodegradable glitter or a rice alternative
  • Encourage parents to make better choices regarding nappies.
  • Provide reusable plastic bag for Wet clothes
  • Use of containers or beeswax wraps in Lunch boxes