Rising 5′s

term 5 ( blue) 175As children near school age they begin to be directed towards adult led activities during some sessions, which we call ‘Rising 5′s’.  This helps the children begin to understand that as well as free playing time there are also times when an adult can show them interesting things too.




This group visits the Reception class at Crowmarsh School in the term before they start. As the children are usually moving up to school alongside their friends from Pre-School, starting school is a natural progression for them. Being on the same site also helps to ensure a seamless transition.

term 5 ( blue) 178


The Pre-School Manager and Reception teacher and Headteacher at Crowmarsh School work together all year round to ensure that information is shared to ensure a smooth transition from the Pre-School to school. Links are very strong.

While we have found this serves as an excellent induction to school as the children are already familiar with the building and routines before they start, ’Rising 5′s’ caters for children starting in any Reception Class setting.