As an educational institution, Crowmarsh Pre-school is regularly inspected by OFSTED, the Government’s Office for Standards in Education.

In our most recent OFSTED inspection, Crowmarsh Pre-school was awarded a ‘good’ rating. The report highlights the strong leadership within Pre-School. Noting that the Committee and Manager are dedicated to the continual development of the setting and have a clear vision for its future.

The report highlighted particular strengths in ‘the warm and caring environment, provided by the staff,  that welcomes children and their families. Staff communicate well with each other to meet children’s needs. Children form good relationships with their key person and other staff, which helps them to feel safe and secure. All staff are friendly and approachable and offer reassurance to those children who need it’.

The particularly effective partnership with the local school was also noted. ‘Children who are due
to move on to school have frequent opportunities to visit the school, and teachers are
invited to meet the children at the pre-school. This helps children to feel excited,
confident and well prepared for the next stage in their learning’.

OFSTED, July 2019Download the full OFSTED Report 2019 

OFSTED,  June 2015

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For further information about OFSTED and what they do, go to their website: www.ofsted.gov.uk