As an educational institution, Crowmarsh Pre-school is regularly inspected by OFSTED, the Government’s Office for Standards in Education.

In our most recent OFSTED inspection, Crowmarsh Pre-school was awarded an ‘outstanding’ rating. The report highlighted particular strengths in the quality of teaching and learning, the well-planned activities, and the happy atmosphere created by our highly trained staff. The staff were described as outstanding teachers who are caring, friendly and organised, and the children as having positive attitudes to learning, enthusiastic, confident and happy.

‘The quality of teaching is excellent. Staff’s use skilful questioning during play activities and carefully listen to and respond to children’s ideas. This makes it easy for children to become absorbed in their play and helps them to take big steps forward in their learning.’

‘Children were observed in a world of their own, quietly looking at books outdoors, while others dig for and then measure worms. They enjoy playing under the shady trees in the warm weather. Behaviour is impeccable. Children know how to keep themselves safe and are confident in managing their own care needs. They fetch their own sunhats when the sun comes out, help prepare and serve their own snacks, and clear their own plates at lunchtime.’

‘Children have very positive attitudes to learning, inspired by outstanding teaching. Planning and support is focused specifically on each child and, as a result, their progress over time is rapid. Children’s interests are also taken into account to increase their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.’

‘Staff routinely encourage children to persevere, think and experiment with different ways of doing things to become more skilful. They encourage children to find answers for themselves.’

‘The pre-school has highly effective and well-established partnerships with early years settings and primary schools. This ensures a smooth move for children when preparing for school or the next stage in their early education. Multi-agency working is a core strength and promotes an all-inclusive approach to supporting families.’


OFSTED,  June 2015

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For further information about OFSTED and what they do, go to their website: www.ofsted.gov.uk