The Routine

We establish a daily registration session, as well as ‘circle time’ for a story and a song. The children become very good at sitting still for a (little) while each day!



Each morning, the main session begins with registration where all the children sit together with the staff. Once the register is completed, everyone talks about the day ahead, the date and weather and we sometimes do show and tell.






Then there is time for free play: children can choose any activity, one of which will be dedicated to the week’s theme and will be run by a member of staff.




Or the children can choose to play outside during this time.





term 5 ( blue) 003The children can also choose to have a healthy snack, which has been prepared on site. They learn key skills during this time such as eating with their peers, spreading butter on toast, and pouring their own drink! In the summer we have snack-time outside.






As themes change throughout the year, activities change too. There are opportunities to get involved in plays, outings, raising money for a new charity each year, joining the school for church services and much more.