The Committee

Crowmarsh Pre-school is a registered charity (No 1189980) and is run by a parent-managed committee.  The committee is vital to the smooth running of the Pre-School. If you would like to contact any of our committee members please email

At Crowmarsh Pre-School we actively encourage parents to become involved in Pre-School life.  One way in which you can do this is by joining the Pre-School Committee.

The word ‘Committee’ can sound off-putting, but we are really just a group of parents with a little time to give to Pre-School.  It’s not a huge commitment and you can volunteer for whatever role interests you most, either using the skills you already have or developing new ones you could add to your CV!

The committee works hand in hand with the Pre-School Manger and staff to ensure its smooth running.  We hold half-termly meetings to plan fundraising events, check the budget remains on track and ensure that the needs of all children and staff are being met.  It’s a great way to get to know the staff better and to meet other parents over a cup of tea (or occasionally a glass of wine!).

Not only is being part of the committee a truly valuable role, it is also hugely rewarding and great fun. It gives you a real insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Pre-School as well as the opportunity to have a genuine impact on your child’s early year’s education.

If you don’t wish to join the committee but would like to play a regular and active role within the Pre-School setting then please approach us about joining our fantastic group of Fundraisers.

Our fundraisers do an amazing job co-ordinating fundraising and social events each year.  This is a fun and rewarding role that directly benefits your children as all funds raised are spent on toys and equipment for the Pre-School.   Publicity, gift gathering and events co-ordination are some of the things you will have chance to be involved in.

If you are interested in becoming a committee member or fundraiser, or if you’d just like a little more information, then please contact

Our Pre-School constitution can be found here or on the noticeboard in the Pre-School cloakroom.