About Us

Crowmarsh Pre-school provides a friendly and safe environment for children.

term_5_(_blue)_020They learn about the world we live in, make friends and grasp a good hold on the basic building blocks of literacy and numeracy, such as letter and number recognition. They get used to being creative and to working with other children and adults.







IMG_2058We aim to provide the best possible learning environment for pre-school children. This means teaching and learning through play. Play is how children under five learn.







We make sure the atmosphere is a happy one, where children feel secure, valued and safe. We provide a good mix of free and structured play, encouraging the children to explore different materials and activities.



We foster imagination, social interaction, self-expression and creativity.



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Children hone their motor skills using constructional toys, and learn letters, words and numbers through stories, rhymes and structured play.





We have an excellent outside play area that is shared with the School’s Reception class. We operate a free-flow play scheme to allow children to make the most of this space as you can see.